Introducing Functionality With Double Sinks In Wellington

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Renovations often focus on the heart of the home, with kitchens and bathrooms taking the lead as the most frequently refurbished spaces in Wellington residences. 

For us at Paramount Plumbing & Gas, your expert plumbers in Wellington, we think it’s no surprise that kitchens and bathrooms tend to wear a tired and dated look much faster than other areas. 

Moreover, the sink is among the first to exhibit signs of aging in kitchens and bathrooms.

So, if you’re currently updating your kitchen or bathroom, you’re likely well aware of this already. 

But Now You Need To Think About What To Replace It With. A Double Or A Single Sink?

 What may not be as apparent are the distinctions between double sinks and their single counterparts. Before you invest in a new sink installation, it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with the differences between each option. 

To ensure you’re making the right decision for your household, we’ll take a look into the world of double sinks in this article, exploring their merits, potential drawbacks, and practical considerations for both kitchens and bathrooms. 

double sinks in kitchen


Let’s Take A Look At The Top Ten Questions About Double Sinks That People Ask:

Is a Double Sink a Good Idea?

Deciding whether a double sink is a suitable choice hinges on factors like your lifestyle and available space. For larger families or homes that frequently involve cooking and cleaning, a double sink can be a game-changer. It enables multitasking, with one side dedicated to food preparation or dishwashing while the other remains available for tasks like handwashing.

However, it’s important to note that opting for a double sink does come with trade-offs. While it facilitates various activities, it takes up more space in the kitchen. Additionally, washing larger items, such as casserole dishes and pans, may become a challenge. The division of the total sink area into two bowls means that each is relatively smaller compared to most single-bowl kitchen sinks.

What Is The Point of a Double Sink?

The primary purpose of a double sink is to enhance efficiency and functionality in the kitchen or bathroom. In the kitchen, it enables simultaneous food preparation and dishwashing, reducing the time spent on chores. In bathrooms, a double sink can accommodate multiple users simultaneously, streamlining the morning routine for busy households.

Does a Double Sink Need Two Water Lines?

Yes, a double sink typically requires two water lines – one for each basin. This ensures that both sides of the sink have independent access to hot and cold water, allowing for simultaneous use.

What Is The Best Size for a Double Sink?

The ideal size for a double sink depends on the available space and your specific needs. In kitchens, a typical configuration is two equally sized basins, each around 14-18 inches in width. For bathrooms, the size may vary based on the available space and personal preferences.

Do Double Sinks Add Value?

Double sinks are often considered an attractive feature in the real estate market. They can add value to your home, especially if potential buyers appreciate the convenience and functionality they offer.

However, the overall impact on property value depends on various factors, so it’s essential to consider your local market and demographic.

Should I Put a Double Sink in My Bathroom?

Installing a double sink in the bathroom or, for that matter, your kitchen can be a practical choice, especially in larger households. It allows multiple users to get ready simultaneously, reducing morning congestion. However, assessing the available space is crucial to ensuring the installation aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Double Sinks?

While double sinks are generally praised for their convenience, there are a few drawbacks to consider. One notable disadvantage is the reduction of counter space.

Installing a double sink in smaller kitchens or bathrooms may limit the available workspace.

Additionally, the plumbing complexity can pose challenges, and maintenance might be slightly more demanding than a single sink.

Can You Change a Single Sink to a Double?

It is possible to convert a single sink to a double one, but it may involve significant plumbing work. At Paramount Plumbing & Gas, your professional Wellington plumber, we recommend booking a consultation to assess the feasibility of the conversion based on your existing plumbing infrastructure and available space.

How Are Double Sinks Plumbed?

Double sinks are typically plumbed using a “dual drain” or “double trap” configuration. Each basin has its own drain and trap, connecting to a common drainpipe. As professional plumbers, our team at Paramount Plumbing & Gas have the expertise to ensure proper plumbing installation, preventing issues such as clogs and backups.

Can a Double Sink Share a Drain?

While double sinks share a common drainpipe, each basin should have its own trap and drain connection. This ensures that the water from one basin doesn’t flow into the other, preventing potential hygiene and maintenance issues.

double basins in bathroom renovations

At The End Of The Day: Double Sinks, Yes or No?

Double sinks offer a wealth of possibilities for enhancing both kitchens and bathrooms, providing a balance between functionality and convenience. 

At Paramount Plumbing & Gas, we emphasise the importance of thoughtful deliberation, taking into account your unique requirements and available space, and seeking professional consultation for a seamless installation, whether you’re just upgrading or going for a full bathroom or kitchen renovation

Whether you’re embarking on a kitchen upgrade or a bathroom remodel, the thoughtful consideration of a well-planned double sink can elevate your space’s aesthetics and significantly enhance its efficiency. Talk to our team of plumbers in Wellington at Paramount Plumbing & Gas now.

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