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Our Services

Paramount Plumbing & Gas provides a wide range of services for all your residential requirements including plumbing, gas fitting, drain laying and roofing. Whether you are looking to build, maintain or replace, Paramount is on-hand to get the work done efficiently and professionally throughout the Wellington region.


Paramount Plumbing offers reliable and professional plumbing services throughout Wellington. This includes leaking or burst pipe repairs, and maintenance.

Gas Fitting

Looking for a gas fitter in Wellington? Paramount Plumbing offers experienced gas fitters throughout the capital for your gas fitting and heating needs.

rinnai infinity gas hot water system

Rinnai Gas Hot Water Systems

Save up to 40% on your energy bill with Rinnai. Rinnai infinity systems provide an endless supply of hot water, operating at high efficiency even when demand is high. Call Paramount Plumbing for expert hot water system services in Wellington.

Bathroom/Kitchen Renovations

Renovate your kitchen or bathroom with help from the experts. Paramount Plumbing has the experience and skills to create your dream bathroom or kitchen.

New Builds

You’ll likely only plan to pipe up your new home once, so it’s important to choose wisely to ensure you find the products and services that will last a lifetime.

Property Management

Property managers have a huge number of tasks and problems to deal with on a day-to-day basis, but we ensure that plumbing is not one of them.

Emergency Plumbing

Our plumbers are on call 24/7 to answer any emergencies you may have. Our team can deal with anything from leaking pipes to burst hot water cylinders.


Just because you can’t always see the condition of your roof, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to assume it’s still in perfect condition. Call for a site visit assessment and quote.

Drain Laying

Drains need maintenance and repairs to remain fully functional. Paramount Plumbing uses skill and experience to deal with any crack, leak, or blockage.

Central Heating

Enjoy the warmth and comfort of central heating in your home. Paramount Plumbing can expertly install central heating in your Wellington property.