Drain Laying

Drains need maintenance and repairs to remain fully functional. Paramount Plumbing uses skill and experience to deal with any crack, leak, or blockage.

Over time, it’s normal for drains to crack, leak, or become blocked.

Whatever the case may be, drainage problems are usually not pleasant to deal with, and can often be potentially dangerous and toxic. Paramount Plumbing uses drainage engineers with CCTV footage to determine the extent of the problem without dismantling your drainage system, and then devise a cost-effective solution.

Our professional drain layers will always work safely and cleanly to deal with any drain issues, and always ensure your property is left tidy following any work.

1. Residential Drain-Laying

Paramount Plumbing are highly experienced drain layers, installing, repairing and maintaining drainage systems in residential homes.

2. Commercial Drain-Laying

We are also experienced in the installation, repair and maintenance of drainage systems in commercial buildings: installing, repairing and maintaining the drainage systems for shops, offices, warehouses, and other commercial properties.

3. Industrial Drain-Laying

You can also rely on Paramount for drain-laying in larger industrial environments. This includes the installation, repair and maintenance of industrial drainage systems such as commercial kitchens, factories and more.

4. Sewerage Systems

Its a stink job but someone has to do it. Call paramount when it comes to installing and maintaining sewerage systems, including connecting to the main sewer link and carrying out repairs as required.

5. Drain Cleaning

Paramount Plumbing use specialized equipment to unblock and clear drains, as well as flushing out drains to reduce the risk of blockages.

6. Removing Tree Roots

Tree roots naturally seek out water and can often penetrate underground pipes, causing blockages and leaks. Paramount are experienced in removing these roots safely and quickly, often with the help of a root cutting machine. Additionally, we can also offer preventative measures to protect against further penetration.

7. Inspecting Drainage Systems

We have all the gear needed for checking pipes for damage and corrosion, as well as looking for signs of tree root penetration or other blockage problems.

8. Reconstructing Drainage Systems

In some cases, due to damage, age or other factors, an entire drainage system may need to be reconstructed or replaced.

Paramount Plumbing are experienced in reconstructions, using modern materials such as PVC, copper pipes or other specialist materials.

9. Installing Rainwater Systems

Do you have a collection system for capturing and reusing rainwater in the home or garden? This can be a great way to save money and lessen dependence on public water supplies.

10. Stormwater Drain-Laying

Stormwater drain-laying is a big part of the work we do. Stormwater drainage is responsible for carrying rainwater away from buildings, roads, and houses. This means that we have to ensure that the underground stormwater pipes are sturdy and securely connected.

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