Many New Zealand households are thinking about how to be more sustainable. Paramount Plumbing can help you make changes to reduce your water usage.

Sustainability Is Now More Important Than Ever.

As a plumbing and gas business, we recognise the importance in advocating for and upholding practices that support sustainability, specifically when it comes to water and energy usage.

Water and Energy are closely related. When we use water in our homes, we use energy. Conserving water, in turn conserves energy.

Small, simple changes can make a big difference to our consumption of water. Read through our top tips on how to reduce water consumption in your home.

1. Dripping Taps

Did you know that a dripping tap can waste up to 8 litres of water a day?

Be sure to fix dripping taps – it is a quick fix to replace or repair tap when serviced by the right person.

2. Leaking Toilets

A toilet that flows continuously can use hundreds of litres a day.

Fixing toilets that continuously flow or leak will greatly reduce the amount of water your home consumes.

3. Install a new toilet

Older toilets use up to 13 litres of water per flush.

Newer toilets use just 3.5 litres per flush and dual-flush use even less, and can make your bathroom look more modern. Consider an update, and be sure to think about dual flush options.

4. Slow the flow

Flow rate is the rate at which water comes out of the tap or shower head, which is different to water pressure. Modern shower heads only need to produce about 6 litres of water per minute to provide you with an adequate water flow.

Consumer NZ tested water-efficient showerheads in 2010. They found replacing a 12-litre per minute showerhead with one that flows at eight litres can cut your hot water bill by about $150 a year while still giving you a comfortable and effective shower.

An efficient showerhead can save as much as 50 litres of water for each six-minute shower, which adds up quickly, especially in busy households.

5. Re-using greywater

With the right systems in place, you may be able to re-use water from your shower, sink, laundry tub and dishwasher to irrigate your garden or even flush your toilets. Using greywater reduces the use of water from the mains supply, and means your garden can stay irrigated in times of drought or water restrictions.

However, it is important that you have the correct systems in place to safely reuse your greywater, and have them installed professionally.

6. Rainwater Harvesting

Installing a rainwater tank is a simple and cost effective method of storing water. This water can be used on your garden, and in some cases it can be used to flush your toilets and wash your clothes. You don’t even need to have a huge tank to make a difference. 

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