Our Guarantee

We provide a variety of guarantees to ensure your peace of mind, and to illustrate our confidence in our own workmanship, skills, and products.

Extended Maintenance Guarantee

We guarantee your peace of mind with our 24-month extended maintenance promise. Should any issue arise within 24 months as a result of our workmanship, we will fix it free of charge. We are confident in our expert workmanship and stand by the services provided by our skilled team.

Owner Operator Guarantee

Paramount Plumbing & Gas is small enough to offer the personal touch of dealing with an owner-operator. However, we are also large enough to be flexible, and to supply all your plumbing, drain laying, and gas fitting needs.

This guarantee ensures that no job is too large for our team, but also that you never feel like just another nameless number on our project list.

Your safety ensured

Certain plumbing, gas fitting, and drain laying problems can become hazardous if dealt with incompetently, which is why we take pride in ensuring every task is treated with care and expert skill. Our skilled professionals are highly trained and take regular Continuing Professional Development sessions to ensure they stay up to date with the latest industry standards. These measures ensure that the work we complete is safe for you and your family.

Your property left clean

We will not arrive at your property, do the work, and leave you to deal with a mess of leftover materials, rubbish, and other plumbing, gas fitting, and drain laying debris. We will always leave your property secure, tidy, and safe so your plumbing issues don’t cause you any further hassles than they already have.

Timely and convenient billing

We understand that the administrative side of the business is just as important as the physical work we provide. For this reason, we guarantee that we will always prepare our invoices for you in a timely, convenient manner. Our goal is to remain transparent and orderly from start to finish, including our billing process.

Expert workmanship

The Paramount Plumbing & Gas team is comprised of a selection of Wellington’s best plumbers, drain layers, and gas fitters. Our team begins with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge and undertakes regular professional development to continue their training over time. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you will receive expert workmanship no matter the task at hand.