Case Study: Hot Water Cylinder Leaking?

Rheem hot water cylinders

Stephanie Gardner from Wellington was experiencing some issues with her hot water cylinder. She thought it could be leaking but wasn’t 100% sure so she contacted Paramount Plumbing with her concerns.

We responded to this issue quickly and attended the site the next morning to investigate. After a thorough investigation, we discovered that it wasn’t an issue with the hot water cylinder, but an issue with the pressure-reducing valve.

As Stephanie’s cylinder was still in good health, it was not our recommendation to replace it. Instead, we recommended that just the leaky valve be replaced, which would fix the issue she was having.

This fix was carried out by our team within 30 minutes, where we replaced the valve with a D503NZ RMC 3.7m Reducing Valve and recommissioned it. Stephanie was highly satisfied with the result. She greatly appreciated the prompt response and efficient services provided by our team.

“Our issue was not urgent, but Paramount Plumbing arrived the very next morning from our phone call. They came prepared with spare parts for our hot water cylinder. The leak was repaired in less than 30 min. Greatly recommend their services.”

Stephanie’s case highlights our commitment to provide our customers with the solution that is in their best interest, not ours. We do this by conducting thorough investigations into issues before making recommendations as well as always keeping the needs of our customers top of mind.


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